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You're At A Healthy Weight, But Are You Really Healthy?

Everyone knows that person who can eat just about anything, and still be thin. They don't think twice about what they're eating, and they don't even consider getting a gym membership. Why? Because they are a "healthy weight." But, what really is a healthy weight?

Everyone has heard of the saying, "you are what you eat." As I experienced my Undergraduate Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and am now reaching the end of my Dietetic Internship and Masters Degree, I realize that saying is quite true.

From a medical perspective, although being a "healthy weight" may decrease your risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease, unfortunately, some of the thinnest people are most prone to developing these issues later in life, because they neglect their diet and proper exercise. You may be a size 0 in your jeans, but this does not necessarily mean that your arteries are clear from plaque build-up, or that you don't have severe insulin resistance. Consuming saturated fats, trans fats, or excess sugar will affect your body regardless of your size, whether you are big or small. Just because fat does not appear in your thighs, around your waist, or in your abdomen, does not mean that you do not have fat surrounding the organs which keep you alive and well each day. If the scale indicated your chances of developing disease, doctors, nurses, and registered dietitians would simply not exist.

Unfortunately, those that are thin often times do not focus on diet and exercise because they do not feel that it would benefit them. In reality, it is what lies beneath your exterior that matters. It is your blood work, your labs, and your lipid profile which will determine how long you will live, and how healthy you will be for the remainder of your life. Want to ensure a happy, healthy and long life? Speak to a registered dietitian TODAY! I would be happy to work with you to develop realistic, life-changing goals. There is nothing more valuable than your health. Invest in it.

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