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How to Stretch Your Dollar at the Supermarket

Do you dread going to the supermarket because you know you will walk out spending a minimum of $100? So many people tell me they do not eat healthy because it is "too expensive." Follow these tips so that you stay on track without breaking the bank!

1.) Buy in Bulk! If you know you're going to be eating oatmeal for 5 out of 7 days of the week, buy the large batch of oatmeal rather than the smaller, individual portions. Supermarkets always provide lower costs when you purchase food in bulk.

2.) Freeze! When you realize that you may not use all of the broccoli that you bought 5 days ago at the store, simply store them in a plastic bag and stick them in the fridge. With a sharpie marker, write the date that you put them in the fridge, so that you don't wait too long to eat them.

3.) Stop Shopping While You're Hungry! Everyone is guilty of this! You are more likely to make poor decisions when you're hungry. You will go into the store for a few ingredients, and walk out with a shopping cart filled with your most unhealthy cravings. Go food shopping once you've finished lunch, so that you will not only spend less money, but you will save more time at the store.

4.) Generic vs Name Brand: In some cases, it is appropriate to buy the store brand especially when it comes to staples such as rice, beans, or oats.

5.) Plan Ahead: Planning your meals for the week can help you save money and avoid waste. For example, if you plan on making roasted chicken with vegetables on Monday, consider making Homemade Chicken Soup on Tuesday to utilize those extra ingredients that you have left in the fridge.

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