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Going Out To Eat? Do Not Fear!

Going out to dinner is one of the most fun activities to do on your weekend with friends and loved ones. Worried you will get off track because you're going out for a meal instead of preparing it on your own? Follow some of these tips so that you make smart decisions when going over the menu.

1.) Speak Your Mind: Does something sound appetizing to you, but you notice it is fried, or smothered in cheese? Simply ask the server if the chef would be able to accommodate you by preparing your protein grilled instead of fried.

2.) Always Order Sauce On The Side: You often feel good about ordering a salad at a restaurant, but are you ordering a Cobb Salad covered in ranch dressing? Always, and I mean always, order the dressing on the side. You can save up to 400 calories by simply doing this.

3.) Bring Half of the Meal Home: This tip is not only good for your waist line, but your wallet too! Get a bang for your buck by enjoying half your meal for dinner, and the other half the next day for lunch. Or, if you have a buddy who is also being mindful of their diet, simply split the meal with them!

4.) Keep Your Alcohol Intake To A Minimum: Now, nobody is saying you can't have some fun. Perhaps you can limit yourself to one glass of wine rather than two or three. Really feeling determined? Offer to be the designated driver so you won't be tempted. Plus, your friends will love you!

5.) Drink Water Throughout Your Meal: Incorporating more water throughout the meal will keep you feeling full quicker, which will cause you to indulge less. Squeeze some lemons or limes into your water to give it some extra flavor!

Want to know more tips and tricks when you go out to eat? Simply ask me more about this at our one-on-one nutrition consultation!

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