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Eat. Pray. Learn.

Eat This, Not That!

Craving something specific, but your conscience is telling you NO? Listed below are healthy alternatives to the typical food craving. Simply swap out the not-so-healthy food with a healthier version of it, and feel better about your decision!

1.) Soda: Is it the soda you are craving, or the carbonation that comes along with it? Try replacing soda with seltzer water with a squeeze of lime -- it will taste just like 7 Up!

2.) A Chocolate Bar: Replace that chocolate bar with a few dark chocolate squares -- this will not only satisfy your sweet craving, but it will provide you with the various antioxidant benefits of dark chocolate.

3.) Pasta: Make your own veggie noodles! Spiralize zucchini and prepare it with homemade marinara sauce and turkey meatballs for a low-carb, high-protein version of spaghetti and meatballs!

4.) Pizza: Make your own flatbread pizza! Simply purchase whole grain pizza dough, flatten it, and assemble your pizza. Want to really cut the carbs? Divide the pizza dough in half, stick it in the freezer, and save the rest for the next time you're craving pizza!

5.) Ice Cream: You won't believe it till you try it, but if you buy flavored greek yogurt and stick it in the freezer, as it hardens it tastes more and more like ice cream! Try this alternative to satisfy your next ice cream craving.

Want to learn more about these creative food alternatives that you can try to satisfy your favorite indulgences? Ask me about it at our Initial Nutrition Consultation. Check out the services I offer at!

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