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Foods That Are Not As Healthy As You Think They Are....

There is a lot of misleading information out there about foods which are perceived as "healthy," but in reality, they may cause more harm than good. Unfortunately, some of our favorite foods, snacks, and drinks that we think are healthy, are in fact, not healthy at all. Listed below are five foods which are commonly eaten because people expect them to provide them with health benefits, but unfortunately this is not the case.

1.) Granola

Most people do not realize that on average, a serving size of granola is 1/4 cup. When people are topping their favorite yogurt, or simply pouring granola into a bowl with some milk, most likely they are consuming double, or even triple this amount. As a result, you are now increasing the sugar, carbohydrate, and calorie content of this already calorically dense food. Replace granola with rolled oats, raw nuts, and a drizzle of honey for a more healthy and filling alternative.

2.) Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are absolutely packed with sugar. For example, a serving of dried mango has 27g of sugar and contains unnecessary preservatives to extend its shelf life. In addition, drying fruit depletes between 30-80% of its nutrient content. Instead, it is always better to opt for fresh fruit, so that you consume 100% of the nutrients it provides, without all the excess sugar.

3.) Trail Mix

Most trail mixes are filled with dry fruit, salted nuts and chocolates, making this "healthy" snack, not so healthy anymore. Instead, make your own healthy trail mix at home with raw, unsalted nuts, dark chocolate, and a few dried fruits.

4.) Fat-Free/ Low-Fat Products:

Low-fat/fat-free foods can contain up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar for additional flavor. In some cases, you are actually better off consuming foods how they are originally produced, to avoid some of the additives that companies are adding to their products.

5.) Instant Oatmeal

Everybody always thinks they are eating healthy once the word "oatmeal" is involved, but if you are eating instant oatmeal, these packets are typically loaded with additional sugar and carbohydrates without the fiber. To get the greatest benefits from oatmeal, quickly make Quaker Oats, and add in your own favorite flavors such as honey, cinnamon, and chopped apples. For even more nutrient benefits, you can make Steel Cut Oatmeal which has even more fiber!

Want to know more about foods that you are eating on a daily basis which you think are healthy, but they really aren't? Ask me about it at our Initial Nutrition Consultation. You will be SHOCKED!

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